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Differentiate Original Perfumes or Imitations

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How to differentiate the original perfume or imitation perfume? Here I give you some tips so you can check my perfume wether it is original or not.

1. make sure the seller have a good reputation.

2. Perfume box is made from a good quality material. Check the lebel, the bar code, spilled over glue, paper thickness, colour, etc. You can feel with your hand the text written in embos. The text will not fade even though it is kept for a long time. Well, you might doubt this method but usually original box is made of a good quality meterial.

p/s: anyhow, my perfume is boxless, thats why it is rejected. who want to buy original perfume without box at normal perfume shop with full price? But don’t worry, theres other way to check wether my perfume is original or not. And dont worry, I sell my perfume in pauches. :)

3. Bottle design. The overall quality. Length, height, colour,. the original perfume bottle is solid. you can check the bottle glass, how transparent it is, how thick it is, the prited text if any, or emboss text, or glass decorations, etc.

4. Spray head. Check the spray quality. original perfume spray produce a good quality of perfume mist.

5. Label under the bottle. Check the printing quality and the correct information given.

6. Perfume color. Original perfume colour is consistent.

7. Oily level. Original perfume is very less oily. You can check it with oil paper. Imitation perfume usually use oil rather than alcohol.

8. The scent. Check the scent. original perfume have 3 tones, high tone, mid tone and lower tone. Some imitation perfume have chemical scent in it.

9. The scent lasts longer. original perfume lasts for a minimum of 2 – 3 hours or more.

10. Reaction to skin. Check if the perfume effecting your skin. For example itchy or skin burn after using the perfume.

11. Some perfume spray have original mark by the manufacturer that imitation perfume does not have. Example, Kenzo flower original bottle have a text written behind the printing of the flower. you can see the mark from the other side of the bottle.

Last word from me, Enjoy your fragrance. :)

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